Update: Kyle Gallner Cast As Wayne Gretzky-Like Character In Kevin Smith's Hit Somebody

UPDATE: Kevin Smith has taken to his Twitter account to say that Gallner will not play the actual Wayne Gretzky, but, rather, a "Gretzky-like character."

Back in November, Kevin Smith announced during one of his many podcasts that Nicholas Braun, one of the stars of Red State, would play the lead role of Buddy McKracken in his next film, Hit Somebody. Apparently Smith had a fantastic time working with his cast on his first horror film, however, because now another one of the Red State actors is making the jump to the next project.

In the most recent episode of his Red State of the Union podcast, Smith revealed that Kyle Gallner will play a part in his upcoming hockey comedy. What part? Only the greatest hockey player to ever live: Wayne Gretzky. During the shoot, Smith was tremendously impressed by Gallner's acting, and one day asked him if he could skate. The character won't play a role until 3/4 of the way through the movie and will be seen as a young kid when he was first entering the NHL. During the podcast, Smith called Gretzky the lynchpin of the film and everything that the main character, McKracken, wants to be.

Gretzky, of course, is an absolute legend and Smith even goes as far as to say that asking Gallner to play the part was like asking him to play Jesus in a Bible movie. Red State will see its premiere in less than a week at the Sundance Film Festival, and at that time audience members will probably get a better grasp on whether or not Gallner is the right man for the role.

Eric Eisenberg
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