Uwe Boll Is Kind Of A Jerk

I think that by now, it’s pretty well established that not only is Uwe Boll a horrible filmmaker, he’s kind of an asshole. If his boxing match beat down against fat, publicity starved, pathetic film journalists a few months ago didn’t prove that to you, then maybe this will.

Chris Kohler over at Wired was lucky… or unlucky enough to be one of the first film critics to see Boll’s new movie Postal. From the sounds of it, Boll has really amped things up a notch for this one. Word is that not only is Postal poorly made, it’s also some sort of clumsy, idiotic satire which makes fun of September 11th. If you want to see what I mean, check out this clip from the film.

So Kohler reviewed the movie and ripped it to shreds. It’s his opinion, and he’s entitled to it… or so he thought. Apparently Uwe Boll disagrees and engaged him in vicious back and forth emailing, followed by a phone call in which he called Kohler names and comes off sounding like one of those guys who’s only in favor of free speech, as long as you say what he wants. He also asks Kohler to correct the spelling of whatever he says during his phone call. I guess Boll doesn’t understand the difference between talking and typing.

Click over to Wired here and see just what a crazy, deluded, jerk Uwe Boll is. Or maybe you’ll agree with him and he’s really a Messiah who’s the victim of a horrible, vast media conspiracy which is out to destroy him by lying about how godawful, his shitty movies are. And maybe Cuba Gooding Jr. made Daddy Day Camp because he’s really passionate about film.

Josh Tyler