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If you know anything about V/H/S/2, you’ll know that they’re not going to bother with a green band trailer right away. It’s NSFW, kids.

Without even getting into the actual film or the trailer (via Yahoo!) just yet, let’s discuss the blurbs that were used to promote , the sequel to last year’s found–footage horror anthology V/H/S. I’m not going to say the first film was genius in any way, but it was a fun experience, and the bits that didn’t work were over quickly enough. But the above red-band trailer uses mainly quotes that make the first film seem worse than it was. “Leaps and bounds beyond its predecessor.” “Infinitely more thrilling.” “Improved in every way.” Let’s have some faith in the product, guys.

That said, the sequel actually does look leaps and bounds better. Almost every second of this trailer provoked a “What the fuck is that?” shot of anticipation through my spine, or whatever body part horror happens to inhabit. Directors Adam Wingard (You’re Next), Simon Barrett, Eduardo Sánchez (The Blair Witch Project), Jason Eisner (Hobo With a Shotgun), Gregg Hale (Freakylinks), Timo Tijahjanto (Macabre), and Gareth Evans (The Raid: Redemption) have come together to make what looks like it could be the best anthology in years, without the ups and downs of nearly every single similar film that’s come out in the past decade or so.

What doesn’t this trailer offer genre fans? There are nasty looking aliens, a man that explodes, a first person perspective of getting run over by a car, and a bunch of Asian guys committing suicide at the same time. Someone tell the Academy to keep an eye out. One of the vignettes appears to be taken from the point of view of a dog. Cinema is amazing.

Kristy thought thought highly of the film, and you can judge it for yourself once it gets its release on VOD June 6 and in theaters July 12. Put a little red food coloring in your popcorn butter for this one.