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As proven by the popularity of the Harry Potter and Twilight series, one very steady recipe for success is just to start with a popular young adult novel and work from there. Well, DJ Caruso is cooking up something from exactly that, a novel called The Goats. Caruso’s last project I Am Number Four took the same approach and it seems the Disturbia director is looking to continue being a part of this trend.

The Goats follows a 13-year-old boy and girl at a summer camp, outsiders who are stripped naked and stranded on an island on a lake as part of a cruel prank that is played annually on the two nerdiest kids. However, instead of returning to the camp to face their torturers, they decided to run off together and what ensues is described as a three day journey of self-discovery.

According to Variety, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang star Val Kilmer has joined the growing cast of The Goats, joining Radha Mitchell and the two “goats” Annalise Basso and Chandler Canterbury. It’s always great to see Kilmer landing roles that are going to see the light of day, unlike the seven other films he has in various stages of production. He’s one of those talents that is criminally under- and misused, when he deserves lead roles or at least strong supporting roles as in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

The Goats is scheduled to be released sometime next year so be prepared to hear more about this film soon as the cast fills in and they move into production.