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One of the numerous benefits of Veronica Mars getting a feature film follow-up is that it’ll not only allow Veronica to once again face off with her nemesis Madison Sinclair, but because the film isn’t bound by the FCC guidelines that dictate content for network television, Veronica can say things like, "Let me try looking like I think you’re an asshole," which is one of the quick responses she offers Madison in the above clip, and isn’t it glorious? Oh, how we’ve missed you, Miss Mars.

The latest clip from the film, which just received a March release date, shows Veronica, Wallace (Percy Daggs III) and Mac (Tina Majorino) looking apprehensive as they eye the Neptune High reunion. High school certainly had its ups and downs for all of them, so it’s not entirely surprising that they might be a bit wary about returning. And then Wallace and Mac disappear and Veronica faces Madison (Amanda Noret), who apparently hasn’t changed at all. From what we’ve seen from the movie in previously released videos, this reunion will get pretty wild, and Veronica will be facing off with Madison a bit more aggressively. Given their history, it’s not at all surprising that these two will be back at each others’ throats. The reunion’s just part of the plot. From what we know about the film, Veronica — who has left her life in Neptune and work as a private detective behind to become an attorney — will return to Neptune after Logan requests her help when he’s suspected of murdering his pop star girlfriend.

In related news, following word that Veronica Mars will arrive in theaters March 14, series creator Rob Thomas announced to Kickstarter backers that Warner Bros. will be giving the film "a much wider release" than expected. He wasn’t able to say whether the film would be released outside the U.S., but he hopes they’ll have that answer by January the earliest. As for those backers who pledged enough to earn a digital download of the movie, they’re still planning on honoring that, and eligible backers will receive their promised download within a few days of the film’s theatrical debut. No specifics on how many days is "a few" were mentioned, but he added that DVD and Blu-ray rewards for eligible backers should ship in early May -- that’s subject to change, though. As for the status of the film, Thomas says they’re finishing up the visual effects and finalizing the soundtrack. The goal is to get the movie in the can by December 20, after which they’ll head into the marketing and promotional phase. So hopefully we’ll be seeing even more from the film in the form of clips, trailers and a poster soon enough.

In the meantime, you stay snarky, Veronica!


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