We should expect a big mystery to go with the big screen for the film, right? The stakes should be higher, and that may come at the cost of one of the lead characters. As sad as we'd be to see one of our favorite characters killed off and made the film's "Lilly Kane," it would set the movie up for an emotional story and one worthy of the series' excellent first season. If it isn't a death, then I would speculate that it would be something that Veronica is emotionally tied to in some way, which seems like an fairly obvious prediction when considering the "something big" that's going to bring her back to her calling.

Rob Thomas joked today that he was stretching the Kickstarter goal to $3 million "or Logan Echolls doesn't survive the movie." Of course, he was kidding. And I think we should be able to cross Logan off the death-list. Should the plot involve the death of a character, I can't imagine it would be Logan, unless Jason Dohring wasn't available. The same should be said for Keith, as Veronica's relationship with her father - and Kristen Bell's chemistry with Enrico Colantoni - is too great not to be used in the film. But that would be a major twist, and they could always work Colantoni into the film through flashback. I'm having Season 2 plane exploding flashbacks now. I'm not prepared for something terrible to happen to Keith, even if it's another fake-out.

Moving on… We have characters like Mac (Tina Majorino), Weevil (Francis Capra), Dick (Ryan Hansen), Duncan (Teddy Dunn), Wallace (Percy Daggs III), Parker (Julie Gonzalo) and Piz (Chris Lowell). There are also recurring characters like Logan's sister Trina (Alyson Hannigan), Deputy Leo (Max Greenfield) and Vinnie Van Lowe (Ken Marino), who might factor in.

Regardless of what the plot involves, a big screen follow-up presents a world of possibilities for the character and the story. More importantly, it gives Rob Thomas the opportunity to offer better closure to the story, and it gives Kristen Bell the chance to return to the role of the smart and witty sleuth. We have months to speculate and hope that things stay on track for the film going forward.

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