Vin Diesel is a pretty fascinating action star. On one hand, he's undeniably macho with a dangerous swagger, and on the other he's a total teddy bear who broke our hearts as an alien death machine with Superman aspirations in The Iron Giant. On Diesel's Facebook page he is constantly toeing this line between adorable and intimidating with plenty of posts to his 37 million followers, from sharing goofy fan-made Photoshops to cheerful status updates of gratitude, and teasers for his upcoming projects, all with a giddy abandon.

This is where we got a new glimpse at The Fast and the Furious 6, and what appears to be Diesel's reunion with Michelle Rodriguez. Here, the Lost star--who appeared in the first and fourth films of the high-octane franchise--reprises her role as Diesel's onscreen love-interest Letty Oritz, a charismatic car thief who was presumed dead until the after credits scene of Fast Five revealed otherwise. Even in this shot, it is clear Diesel and Rodriguez still share an electric chemistry.

Beyond revealing this tantalizing teaser image, Diesel also includes a caption that reads:
"P.s. Trailer premieres at the Super Bowl... 3 weeks away!"

This confirms speculation that The Fast and the Furious 6-- or whatever the final title will be-- will debut its trailer to the pumped up and massive audience turned to their televisions on Super Bowl Sunday. It's definitely the right demographic for the testosterone-fueled, fast paced action feature, but could it get lost in the array of big, bold and bizarre commercials that muscle for notice on the most prime commercial time of the year? If you think so, you clearly don't understand the power and appeal of Vin Diesel.

The Fast and the Furious 6 opens on Memorial Day weekend, May 24th.

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