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Since coming back from bankruptcy, MGM has largely been busy not making films of their own, but helping other people get their films made. First a co-financing deal was reached with Warner Bros. to get Peter Jackson's The Hobbit made and then a deal was struck with Sony to get both Bond 23 and Bond 24 made. Up until now, however, the studio hasn't been ready to go out and start making their own films again, but that changes with The Machine.

Deadline reports that MGM has officially started work on their first film since their reconstruction and have attached Vin Diesel to star in the aforementioned action-comedy. In the film, Diesel will play a robot designed to look like a human that the Pentagon planned as the ultimate weapon. The project is then scrapped for some reason and 20 years later The Machine is discovered and activated by a child. The government learns about this and Diesel must do everything to protect the family that he is staying with. Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant wrote the script and the studio is currently searching for a director. Current plans are to start production in the fall.

It's worth noting that Lennon and Garant also wrote The Pacifier, which sounds exactly the same as The Machine only with a robot instead of a Navy SEAL. Obviously MGM wants to start making money quickly, and The Pacifier made nearly $200 million at the worldwide box office, but this is just sad.