Wahlberg Complains About Saw

When is an actor not happy about appearing in a movie? How about when their character is supposed to be dead. That’s what’s happening with actor Donnie Wahlberg and the Saw franchise. The actor’s character, Detective Eric Matthews, was left for dead at the end of Saw II only to return for the third chapter of the franchise. Again, his character thread seemed to have ended, but word has it he’s returning for Saw IV this October, but the actor’s not happy about it.

According to Rotten Tomatoes the actor wishes his character had died in Saw III. He told the press: "Yeah, I got a scene in [Saw IV]. "They kept me alive. I told them I wanted to die in part three and they took out my death. I just lie there and nothing happens."

Despite his comments about being unhappy over everything, he can’t feel too bad about it. After all, they can’t include him in the movie unless he shows up to film the footage for it. Obviously the paycheck was enough to bring him to the set. So why the complaints now? Guilt over taking the role for another movie?

This adds to the confusion over the plot for Saw IV. As we reported previously, the studio’s plot description for the fourth chapter begins with “Jigsaw is dead,” yet Jigsaw is clearly listed among the cast and is a part of the movie’s story. Now Matthews is alive too (Wahlberg talks about his character being alive in present tense). So is Saw IV a step back to earlier events in the Saw timeline? Is it a prequel? Does it take place in the afterlife? I guess we’ll find out in October. Until then, we’ll continue looking for clues.