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Wait, Frozen And The Shining Are Basically The Same Movie?

You've heard about the woman suing Frozen for stealing her life story. Now maybe Stephen King should call his lawyers, because one movie fan claims that Disney's Frozen is actually a remake of The Shining.

We've seen our fair share of wild movie theories, from the one that declares all Pixar movies are set in the same universe, to the "Andy's Mom theory," and the one that states Tangled, Frozen and The Little Mermaid's plots are linked. But blogger Mary Katharine Ham has thrown up a new one that could spark a sequel to Room 237. Essentially, she posits Frozen and The Shining are the same movie. It might sound as insane as poor Jack Torrance, but hear her out.

Ham begins her argument with a series of exhibits that parallel the characters from the chipper Disney musical to the chilling Stanley Kubrick horror movie. For instance, let's consider the similarities between Elsa and Jack. Both have something inside them that is a danger to their loved ones. And when given a position of power--be it queen of Arendelle or caretaker of a remote mountain resort--they lose control. Also, both tend to favor a place of solitude high in the mountains.

The Danny to Elsa's Jack would be her little sister Anna. Like poor tormented Danny Torrance, Anna is left too often to her own devices in a high ceilinged and posh building. And like Danny, she's locked out of a room that holds a terrible secret. But that's not all. Ham also points out that while Jack dislocated Danny's shoulder in a moment of out of control (drunken) rage, Elsa nearly killed Anna twice. As Danny's mother might say, "Well, it's just one of those things. You know...purely an accident"

Speaking of Wendy Torrance, Ham believes her parallel is Olaf, a goofy character who will do whatever necessary to protect the innocent Danny Anna.

That leaves Kristoff, Anna's protector who has a special awareness of all the weirdness hitting Arendelle thanks to his familiarity with the trolls. Of course, The Shining has Dick Hallorann, who knows about Danny's titular supernatural power. And like Kristoff, he dashes to the rescue when the endearing hero needs it. Which makes Hans the Grady of Frozen. One was a dapper man who murdered his family while looking over The Overlook before the doomed Jack. The other is a dapper man who looks to kill the Arendelle royal family toward his own ends.

Maybe you think some of this is a stretch. But Ham closes strong with this visual comparison of the movies' climactic moments, saying, "I mean, it's not The Shining, y'all. It's Disney's The Shining."

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Kristy Puchko

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.