Wait, Joel Edgerton Wore What Underneath His Exodus Costume?

We have heard of "period authenticity" when it comes to making an historical epic along the lines of Exodus: Gods And Kings. And then there is the great length to which Joel Edgerton reportedly went to while playing the Egyptian king Rhamses. All I had to do was mention to Edgerton’s co-star, Christian Bale, that his co-star was talking a little smack during the recent junket for Sir Ridley Scott’s blockbuster, and Bale was happy to explain just what Rhamses kept hidden beneath his gold skirt!

"The golden thong, which he insists on wearing underneath... oh, he didn't tell you that? He didn't tell you that now, did he? He went as far as the underwear!" Christian Bale explains about his Method co-star. Truthfully, though, you really have to hear Bale tell it. Look at how animated he is in the following clip!

Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings focuses on "brothers" torn apart by destiny – one, Rhamses (Joel Edgerton), a king lying in wait; the other an adopted son of a great Egyptian king (played by John Turturro) who is born to lead… but to lead a different group of people. It’s very serious business. Biblical, even. But speaking with the men behind the massive spectacle, it’s clear that they did what they could to keep things light on the set. In fact, while interviewing Edgerton about the scale of the picture, and Ridley Scott’s use of multiple cameras to capture the vast action on screen, he talked to me about stopping in the moment and reminding yourself, "It’s just a movie."

It’s refreshing to hear that the cast of Exodus blew off steam by poking fun at each other. Christian Bale is saddled with this reputation for being seriously serious, though any interaction I’ve been lucky enough to have with the Oscar-winning actor (and former Batman) contradicts this notion. He’s dedicated to his craft, and his commitment usually helps create memorable screen presences that command attention. His Moses is no different, leading an army of Jewish exiles on a pilgrimage across harsh terrain as they fled from Rhamses, and sought passage to their beloved Holy land.

Exodus: Gods and Kings opens in theaters later this week. One scene that stands apart from the rest is the parting of the Red Sea – a sequence that still holds water (pun intended) from the days of Charlton Heston. I’ll have more on the making of that incredible scene as the week progresses. For now, I thought I’d start with Golden Thongs, and the sight of Sir Ridley Scott giggling like a schoolboy.

Exodus opens everywhere on December 12.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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