Wait, The Men In Black And 21 Jump Street Crossover Might Actually Happen?

Ridiculous as it may sound, there is actually a possibility that a 21 Jump Street/Men In Black crossover movie may actually get made at Sony Pictures. It sounded crazy when this idea first found its way online last month, but apparently it's very real concept and one that writer/directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller have confirmed to be in development.

MTV caught up with the 22 Jump Street directors on the red carpet for the Golden Globes this past weekend, and when the filmmakers were asked if a 21 Jump Street/Men In Black crossover could happen, they revealed that it is an idea that has been getting tossed around. Asked if the mash-up was still on the table, Phil Lord said,

"Nothing’s changed.It’s still a crazy idea, and we only do things that seem like they’re going to be terrible."

Introducing the Men in Black to the 21 Jump Street universe would be quite a big deal, and it would be fairly significant for Jonah Hill's Schmidt and Channing Tatum's Jenko to learn that there are aliens amongst us and that there is a shadow organization keeping tabs on it all. That being said, Phil Lord and Chris Miller have no interest in betraying what has already been developing over two movies with their characters, and that remains the focus for the Jump Street series going forward. Lord told MTV,

"We’re really focusing on what’s a great story for Schmidt and Jenko and how to tell the next chapter in their lives, and perhaps use creatures from another world at the same time."

Honestly, I am totally on-board with this idea. Even beyond the fact that I completely trust the creative ingenuity of Phil Lord and Chris Miller, there's something extremely fun in seeing a franchise switch genres, and it's not something that we really get to see all that often. It would also be an interesting way to perpetuate to Men in Black series, which hasn't really shown a great deal of life since the release of Men in Black 3 in 2012. One sticking point could be getting Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones to be involved with the project. but hopefully that's not too hard a hurdle to get over.

Would you be on board with the idea of a 21 Jump Street/Men in Black crossover, or would you prefer that the series remain separate and on different paths? Answer our poll below, and explain your feelings in the comments section below!

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