Wait, They're Making A Theme Park Based On The Hunger Games?

Theme parks based on dangerous concepts tend to be terrible ideas. Just ask the folks behind Jurassic Park, who apparently didn’t learn their lesson. So you’ll forgive us for not embracing the concept of a theme park based on The Hunger Games, because from what we remember about those first two Games movies, not a lot of people make it out of the arena alive.

Lionsgate, however, has started down the path to bring both a Hunger Games and a Step Up theme park to Dubai through a partnership with Dubai Parks and Recreation. THR reports that the Motiongate Dubai parks would open in October 2016, and feature attractions, retail shops and stage shows inspired by both the Hunger Games and Step Up movie franchises. See, one of those makes a lot of sense! Step Up is a high-octane dance franchise that could inspire several DIY showcases for global talent.

The Hunger Games, on the flip side, just sounds deadly. Will there be a giant cornucopia filled with weapons that visitors will have to run to at the start of each morning? Instead of a traditional fireworks display, will each night end with cannon fire, signifying how many tourists gave their lives up in honor of the most exclusive, immersive vacation destination in film-fan history?

We’re exaggerating, of course. The rides and attractions at the Hunger Games theme park likely will do an excellent job of incorporating elements of the behemoth, dystopian YA film franchise, possibly letting you eat lunch in The Capitol, ride a roller coaster through District 13, or buy an Effie Trinket wig at a Hunger Games gift shop near the park’s entrance. You know a lot of girls will be leaving the Motiongate Dubai park with a customized Katniss Everdeen archery set.

This isn’t the only effort by Lionsgate to extend the Hunger Games brand after the final film, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 opens in theaters on November 20. Variety reported last year that the studio is teaming up with Imagine Nation and Triangular Entertainment to bring a Hunger Games live show to the stage. The show will be established in the UK at Wembley Stadium in London. Can’t travel overseas to either Great Britain or Dubai? Not a problem. The trade also reported that a U.S. tour of The Hunger Games: The Exhibition is expected to hit numerous locations this summer.

Could it work? Sure. Universal Studios has an extremely popular Harry Potter theme park in Orlando. There have been plans for a Fast & Furious theme park. So yeah, theme parks based on very popular movies are the new fad. Expect Divergent to follow up with a copycat attraction in coming weeks.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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