Warm Bodies Photos Show Nicholas Hoult And Teresa Palmer Exchanging Photos And Glances

Arriving in theaters next February is Warm Bodies a zombie rom-com based on Isaac Marion's novel, in which zombie meets girl and falls for her instead of making her dinner. The latest stills give us a couple of new looks at zombie R (Nicholas Hoult) and the object of his budding affection, Julie (Teresa Palmer).

If you've read Marion's book or seen the trailers for Jonathan Levine's adaptation of the novel, you know that Warm Bodies is set in a post-apocalyptic world where zombies have the upper hand out in the open and those who aren't of the undead variety live hidden away as they attempt to survive and avoid being dinner to the walking dead. The story follows R, a zombie living with his fellow undead at the airport, who stumbles upon Julie during a routine feeding. Rather than eating her, he decides to protect her and the two begin an unlikely relationship. The story obviously deviates from the standard zombie horror, but it does so with humor and charm, which will hopefully make its way into the film.

JustJared shared a few new still, which show us Julie and R spending time together.

Here we have the two of them hanging out in an airplane, which is R's home at the airport.

The image gives us a glimpse of the cluttered space where R resides and hoards his records and other found treasure. And it looks like Julie's gotten comfortable being around R. You could almost forget he's a zombie, if you looked past his complexion and the slightly vacant expression on his face.

And here it looks like Julie and R are exchanging polaroids.

Going by the chronology of the book, this would be later in the story, after R gets Julie out of the airport and the two make their way back to the stadium where the living humans are hiding out.

The photos give us a glimpse of Julie and R's relationship, but there's also a humorous side to the story. That comes through better in the two recently released trailers.

Warm Bodies arrives in theaters February 1. More information, photos and video can be found in our Blend Film Database.

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