Watch The Avengers On A Mission In New Captain America: Civil War Footage

Captain America: Civil War is less than a month away from release, which means Marvel is stepping up their promotions for the blockbuster in these last weeks. Following two full-length trailers and a scattering of featurettes and smaller previews, a new clip was presented tonight at the MTV Movie Awards by star Chris Evans and is now available online. Take a look!

This footage comes to us exclusively through MTV Movie Awards, and from the looks of the scene on display this sequence comes from the set photos that we saw almost a year ago. The brief, but ass-kicking scene shows Captain America running into action with The Falcon and Scarlett Witch taking down hostiles at the Institute for Infectious Diseases, with Cap closing out the scene by kicking one of those hostiles into a wall.

Following after the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War will see the eponymous Star Spangled Avenger and his fellow Marvel heroes dealing with a new status quo when the world’s governments decide that "enhanced individuals" need to be officially regulated. This will split the protagonists into two teams: one led by Iron Man, who are in favor of governmental oversight, and one led by Captain America, who believe the heroes should remain free from regulation.


After all of the critical raves that Captain America: Civil War has gotten, it's nice to see some footage that backs up the hype. While it's still not a lot to go by, it's refreshing to see a clip that teases out the excitement for the film, rather than ruin any surprises that may be in store for the film. Though after watching this quick glimpse at the first big blockbuster of the summer, we do have one big question: is that scanner drone Stark tech? It looks like Stark tech, which means it's going to get pretty awkward once the fighting kicks off, and those drones are used to hunt those that they once protected.

After the years of build up that Marvel Studios has put into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's all about to come to a head as Team Iron Man is about to fight Team Captain America, and with what we've seen tonight, we wouldn't be surprised if Tony Stark is just a little more careful about his next move. Captain America: Civil War takes the battle to theaters all over on May 6th.

Mike Reyes
Senior Movies Contributor

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