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Watch This Awesome Anchorman Prank On Live TV

Though depicted as a joke in Adam McKay's cult comedy Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, I could understand why a TV news anchor would become dependent on his or her teleprompter. After reading the news for a little while, I can imagine that your brain would go into some sort of autopilot and would result in just reading instead of reporting. But Anchorman was just a movie. Does it actually happen in real life? The answer is yes, and now there's video to prove it.

Up in Green Bay, Wisconsin, a female anchor decided to play a little prank on her co-worker and the result is absolutely fantastic. Take a look.

Is it kind of a mean prank? Sure. Did it result in the guy's total embarrassment? For sure. Is it a funny video with a funny reference to a funny movie? You're damn right. I actually hope that this video goes viral so that anchors around the country start playing similar pranks on each other. I look forward to the day when some fun-loving intern decides to try and make Brian Williams say, "You're like a miniature Buddha, covered in hair."

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