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We know that a significant portion of the plot of Captain America: Civil War is dedicated to Black Panther’s hunt for The Winter Soldier. We’ve seen the Panther chasing Bucky through tunnels and jumping on cars in order to catch his prey. But what happens when the two finally meet face to face? We have at least part of our answer in a new clip of Civil War which appears to show the first time these two cross paths for the first time. Check it out.

Chadwick Boseman, the man behind the Black Panther mask was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and so we got to see a bit of him in action as part of the deal. At 40 seconds long, the clip actually gives us a significant amount of fight to look at. As a fight scene, it looks great. Chadwick Boseman tells Jimmy Kimmel that it is in fact him in the scene doing the fighting and he and Sebastian Stan look great trading blows. Of course, Black Panther has something of an upper hand when it comes to his vibranium claws. It appears they can pretty much carve through whatever The Winter Soldier tries to use to defend himself. The most interesting part may be the opening seconds. Black Panther comes in from, as far as we can tell, nowhere, to take down Bucky Barnes from the back. His trajectory and velocity don’t really imply that he jumped from anywhere so much as flew. It’s possible, and somewhat likely, that this scene has been edited so we may be missing some information that would help it all make sense.

At the same time, this might literally be our introduction to Black Panther in Captain America: Civil War. When we see Captain America and Falcon later in the clip, neither has apparently seen Black Panther before this moment. Bucky is obviously running for some reason as the scene opens so we can guess he has already met T’challa, but maybe only minutes before the scene that we see here. They don't know who the Black Panther is. Have they met T'challa prior to this? Are secret identities finally coming into play in the MCU?

We know that when The Winter Soldier is blamed for a terrorist attack Black Panther makes taking him down a personal vendetta. While Black Panther will side with Iron Man in the film, the indications have been that this will be more of an alliance of convenience more than principal.

Does seeing this make you even more excited for Captain America: Civil War? Is it actually possible to be more excited for it? We’re not sure we can wait seven more days for it to come out May 6.

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