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When actors have to do promotion for their new movies the day can get very long and very boring. They have to answer the same question dozens of times from one media member after another. As we often have a reporter in that chair, we totally get it. Sometimes the actors get a little punch drunk, or sometimes they just need to entertain themselves to keep from going crazy. That is how moments like this happen. Dakota Johnson and Leslie Mann were recently talking to media about their new film, How to be Single, when they started flirting with a cute reporter, and apparently tried to set him up with their friends.

Since the movie is about single women, maybe it shouldn’t be too surprising they they totally hit on the Miami’s WSVN reporter Chirs Van Vliet. Maybe this was them being "in character." If it was, then that’s as close as they got to actually talking about the movie, as the actresses’ obsession with the state of their reporter’s shirt takes up literally the entire interview segment. At no point does he actually get a chance to ask them about the movie. We assume he was going to ask them something, and not just read out pickup lines. If that was his plan, however, then the interview actually went almost perfectly, based on the reaction to the lines he had.

The most interesting part of the exchange is when Dakota Johnson and Leslie Mann, discovering that the reporter is in fact single, make sure to inform a couple of women outside of the frame of this fact. It actually makes us wonder, if we see more of these interviews, is this something all the reporters were asked? Was this entire media event just a ruse to try and find dates for their friends? We’ve heard of worse plans. The reporter, for his part, appears to be a deer in the headlights. He’s not sure whether he just won the lottery or is being punk’d. It actually gets a little awkward. It doesn't look like he ever really considers not doing as they ask, but he's not totally on board either. Like he feels like he should be saying no, but doesn't want to kill the interview.

How to be Single is a comedy that follows several characters dealing with the single life in New York City. Dakota Johnson’s character, Alice, is newly single, and learns the ropes of this newfound lifestyle from Rebel Wilson's Robin. In addition to Leslie Mann, the film also co-stars Alison Brie.

While we weren’t able to learn anything new about the film from this interview, if the movie is as entertaining as Dakota Johnson and Leslie Mann were here, then How to be Single could be a good time at the movies.