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Watch Emily Blunt Do One Of The Best Tom Cruise Impressions We've Ever Seen

Emily Blunt is starting to look like a real life superhero, as she's able to save people's lives in one instant, and launch into pretty damned good impressions of other co-stars in another. If you don't believe us, then take a look at the video below that shows Blunt doing a seriously good Tom Cruise impression while doing press for Into The Woods.

Thanks to Yahoo for scooping the story, but even more thanks are in order for Into The Woods co-star James Corden, who coaxed the impression out of the initially shy Blunt. Sure enough, the Edge of Tomorrow star was eventually up for mimicking Cruise's trademark intensity and sociability, with a deadpan sense of humor and a really funny story to tell involving her time with Cruise on the set of Doug Liman's film.

Apparently, one of the movie's scenes saw Cruise and Blunt sweating profusely in their exosuits, and Tom Cruise especially looked like his patience was being worn. Emily Blunt, being the friendly co-star she is, looked over to him and remarked how the experience sucked. His response was short and sweet: "It's a challenge." Just three words of unflappable calm were all he needed to agree with his co-star, but at the same time sympathize with her pain.

While Into The Woods on a whole is receiving mixed reviews, one of the not so mixed praises is of Emily Blunt and her performance in the film. Even our own Sean O'Connell got Blunt to talk about the possibility of her appearing in Frozen 2, which sounds like it'd be a project that she'd love to jump into if the right role landed in her lap.

Of course, with her own forceful personality and acting skills to spare, you kind of have to ask yourself, "Is Emily Blunt the new Tom Cruise?" Her star is rising quite quickly, she's hotly tipped for projects like Frozen 2 and Captain Marvel without even having a formal meeting, and she seems to be making all the right moves in her career, especially considering she's only had two films this year, and we're still talking about her performance in the severely underrated Edge Of Tomorrow.

Alright, so it might be too early to call, but the possibility of Emily Blunt's career reaching such heights is not entirely out of reach. She's already kicked a lot of industry ass in the eight years that she's been on the film circuit, and she shows no signs of slowing, especially if she wins the Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy award she's been nominated for at the Golden Globes. Keep your eyes on Emily Blunt for the next couple of months, because awards season could be really good to her and her career.

Edge Of Tomorrow is available on Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD; while Into The Woods is currently playing in theaters.

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