Emily Blunt As Captain Marvel? Here's What She Says

Ever since Marvel Studios officially announced Captain Marvel as part of their upcoming Phase Three slate, fans have been wildly speculating about who the company would hire to play their first female superhero. Emily Blunt is a name that has been tossed around a bit, the actress coming off an awesome action-heavy performance in Doug Liman's Edge of Tomorrow, but would it be a role that she would be interested in?

This very question was posed to the actress recently in an interview with ScreenCrush, and while she tried practically every method imaginable to divert the query, she ultimately delivered a rather vague response regarding her personal interest. Said the Devil Wears Prada star,

"I think, it’s always for me, it’s always about—and now, more so—what am I putting out there? What would be interesting for me and what would be interesting for people to see. So, if it’s an awesome part, it doesn’t matter if it’s a Marvel movie or a tiny movie, I’d be up for it."

In the interview, Emily Blunt notes that she had just been recently told by her brother about audiences fancasting her as Captain Marvel - though she added that she knows nothing about the character and hasn't been approached or contacted about it in any way. She does also like the idea of being a role model for young girls as the first female Marvel Studios superhero, but that obviously doesn't change the current status of her involvement.

Marvel die-hards will note that this actually isn't the first time that Emily Blunt has been linked to activities over at Marvel Studios. All the way back in 2009 there were talks that said Blunt was in negotiations for the role of Natasha Romanoff a.k.a. Black Widow in Jon Favreau's Iron Man 2. Unfortunately, the actress was locked into a contract with 20th Century Fox at the time, which meant that she had to go make Gulliver's Travels with Jack Black and would be unavailable for the Iron Man 2 production period. Eventually Scarlett Johansson got the part and she has gone on to have great success in the role, but fans have still always wondered what could have been with Emily Blunt as S.H.I.E.L.D.'s number one field agent.

Hopefully Marvel Studios is keeping Emily Blunt in mind, but the truth is that it may be a long, long time before we see any forward movement on the Captain Marvel casting front. After all, the project isn't scheduled to be released until 2019, which means that Marvel may not need to actually lock in an actresses until 2017/2018. In the meantime, audiences will next be able to see Blunt in one of the lead roles of Rob Marshall's Into The Woods, which will be in theaters on Christmas Day.

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