Watch The Guardians Of The Galaxy Comic-Con Panel, Complete With Karen Gillan's Bald Head

Technically the appearance from the Guardians of the Galaxy cast at Comic-Con last night was a surprise, since they started shooting the film just two weeks ago all the way across the world in London. But Marvel Studios is famous not only for their surprises, but for going the extra mile to make it happen, so the entire cast and director James Gunn hopped on a plane from London to walk on to the Hall H stage and blow the crowd away with the earliest scraps of footage from their movie.

We can't show you that footage, sadly-- it's one of those Con-exclusive things that will never make it outside Hall H-- but above you can see the cast and what they talked about during the panel, including Chris Pratt acknowledging the insane muscles he's developed to play Star Lord, James Gunn talking about how Guardians really isn't that different from making an independent film (think he's lying a bit?), and former Doctor Who star Karen Gillan dramatically revealed the transformation she went through to play Nebula-- she shaved her head! Wonder which lucky fan caught that red wig she threw out into the crowd.

For more on the footage that they showed you can read this brief description from Sean, who was in the room. Believe it or not, the footage for Guardians apparently blew away everything else that was announced in the room that day, including a Batman-Superman team-up. Try to wrap your head around that.

As for the footage, it's staggering what Guardians was able to show, given that they've been in production for about two weeks. The clip starts with Star Lord (Pratt) breaking into a non-descript but definitely alien room. He's holding a glowing blue orb, and he appears to trade it for another when suddenly, men with guns demand he puts the ball down. They ask Pratt who he is. "I'm Star Lord." "Who?" Hounsou's character asks. "Aw, c'mon guys. Star Lord?!" Pratt says, incredulously.That sets the tone for the rest of Guardians which has a very casual, slacker vibe, and anti-hero tone that works very well. The clip plays out with Rhomann Dey (John C. Reilly) going through a police-line-up type of description of each character. We start with Drax the Destroyer (Dave Bautista), move to Gamora (whom Zoe Saldana describes as "an assassin"), fit in Rocket Raccoon and Groot before ending on Star Lord (Pratt). "They call themselves The Guardians of the Galaxy," Dey says, with disdain. "What a bunch of a__holes," his second in command says.Yep, this is a James Gunn movie! When Star-Lord is introduced, he's doing this down-with-authority pose that ends with him flipping his middle finger at the camera. This isn't Family Marvel, that's for sure. The CGI for Rocket looked fantastic. (His intro ends with him spitting on the floor like a bad ass.) There were fight scenes and fully produced sequences that rattled by in a montage. And the clip ended with "Hooked on a Feeling" by Blue Swede, which continued the party atmosphere tone of the footage. Guardians had the best clip of a jam-packed Marvel panel.

There's also new concept art for the film, which shows us Pratt as Star Lord for the first time, right here.

Sick of reading? Then check out this reaction video that Eric and Sean recorded once last night's panel wrapped up. The geeky spirit of Comic-Con is all there in this video.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend