Watch Harry Potter Fans Pay Touching Tribute To Alan Rickman At Live Event

If you thought you were done having an emotional reaction to the death of somebody you never met, get ready, there’s on more tribute you need to get through. We were all shocked a couple weeks ago when we learned that Alan Rickman had passed away. For an entire generation the actor will be remembered for his role in as Severus Snape in the films based on the Harry Potter books. Now many of the fans had a chance to say goodbye in their own special way. With wands raised high. Check out the video of a moment that took place over the weekend at Universal Studios.

The Universal Studios theme park in Orlando, Florida just concluded their "Celebration of Harry Potter" event over the weekend, and theme park news site Inside the Magic captured a very special moment that took place this year. With so many Harry Potter fans in attendance, and being the first event of its kind following the actor’s death, it’s hardly surprising they took the opporutnity to say goodbye to Alan Rickman. Many fans are adorned in their own wizard robes, and even the park performer who plays Snape joined in on the moment. Everybody gathered in the part of the park dedicated to Harry Potter’s version of London, Rickman’s home, and the place where he died on January 14. Then, with wands raised, they say goodbye to the man who brought the wizard to life.

As an aficionado of theme parks, this captures all the great things about them in a single video. Everybody joins in on the moment. There is no distinction based on age. It is, in fact, difficult to see how many children actually take part in the salute, as the video is full of so many adults that any kids are hard to see. This is a statement of both the influence that the Harry Potter franchise has had on the world, as well as the way adults can be a little less grown up when standing inside a theme park.

The "Celebration of Harry Potter" has become an annual event since Universal Studio opened their "Wizarding World of Harry Potter" section of the park a few years ago. It’s essentially San Diego Comic-Con for the Harry Potter set. Both Rupert Grint and Matthew Lewis, among others, were in attendance for the Expo portion this year.

It’s a testament to the success of both the Harry Potter franchise and Alan Rickman’s part in it that so many people turned out to say goodbye while in character. He certainly had an impact on fans, and will be greatly missed.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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