Watch James Bond’s Incredible, Over-The-Top Opening Spectre Scene Get Filmed

We recently went to the set of Spectre, the new James Bond movie, in Mexico City, where Sam Mendes and co. were busy filming the film's heart-pumping opening chase sequence. At the time, we were able to report all the action we saw from the set and more details on Bond’s mission to the nation’s capital, but seeing is believing. Watch this new behind-the-scenes video of actors Daniel Craig, Stephanie Sigman and Alessandro Cremona film Spectre’s big opener.

Yahoo Movies UK were the lucky ones able to film moments from the 10-day shoot in Mexico City. As you can see, Spectre will kick things off with a colorful Day of the Death parade celebration that leads into Zocalo Square, where a grand helicopter fight scene will take place. In addition to highlighting the intricate costuming, makeup and set designs, the video is accompanied by a play-by-play of the scene, which we previously reported.

From what we know, 007 is on a mission in Mexico City during The Day of the Dead. He encounters the lovely Estrella (Sigman), who thinks she is taking her lover to bed, but Bond is really using her to gain entrance to her hotel. From there, he has a better view of the area and is able to spot two villains planning something tretcherous. One of the gents is Marco Sciarra, the husband of Monica Belluci’s mysterious Lucia Sciarra. After Bond fights and kills Marco’s accomplice, the scuffle sets off an explosion that demolishes the building. Once on the ground, Bond then sets off in hot pursuit of Marco, who’s attempting to lose his chaser in the thick of the parade. A helicopter lands in Zocalo Square soon after Marco calls for backup. Bursting forth from the crowd, Marco sprints for the chopper, but Bond is close on his tail. The two latch on to the aircraft as it lifts off, attempting to knock the other off. Not shown in Yahoo’s video are the 360-degree chopper stunts executed by stuntman Chuck Aaron. He’s the only guy with the proper credentials to pull off such theatrics in this specific helicopter, and it'll look spectacular on film.

Spectre Day of the Dead

As production designer Dennis Gassner told us on set, this moment is the sort of bang needed to start off all James Bond movies. Though the cast and crew were pretty tight-lipped about any and all Spectre secrets, the public has seen a few clips of what they already shot. Additional behind-the-scenes promotional videos and the trailer revealed the snowy and mountainous Austrian setting that will house an action scene involving Bond, Lea Seydoux’s Madeleine Swann and Dave Bautista’s Mr. Hinx. Mendes also filmed in Rome, Italy, and was prepping to shoot additional major scenes in London and Morocco following the Mexico shoot.

Spectre opens in theaters on Nov. 6.