The pressure is high. Sam Mendes is on his fourth day of shooting Spectre in Mexico City when press arrived on the set, and rain was derailing the day. The crew already shot earlier sequences involving Daniel Craig’s 007, Stephanie Sigman’s Estrella, a fierce explosion and an on-foot chase sequence. Mendes still has a lot to do before he jets off to film in London, and the production schedule leading up to the film’s November 6 release is just as hectic. But the filmmaker and his producers are determined to raise the bar after Skyfall.

When Mendes revealed the next James Bond movie would be titled after the franchise’s most notorious supervillain syndicate, expectations were already high. How will Spectre, which was involved in multiple Bond films of the past, be modernized? Will we see the return of classic characters? Will the infamous Blofeld pop up? Will it be Christoph Waltz? Spectre continues to play in the shadows, and the cast and crew are still keeping their biggest secrets under lock and key. However, we did pick up a few things straight from the set, in an attempt to shed some light.

Spectre Set Visit Sam Mendes
Spectre Will Up The Ante
While Quantum of Solace was arguably the worst installment of the Craig-led Bond films, Mendes came in with Skyfall and brought the films back to their glory. "When you come off a successful film, we all felt that we had to keep the momentum going and not rest on our laurels," said producer Michael G. Wilson. "The pressure is there." Production designer Dennis Gassner echoed these sentiments. "Do you see what we’re doing out?" he exclaimed, citing all the extras and set pieces. "I mean, look at that. That’s amazing!"

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