Watch James Bond Struggle To Rent A Car In Spectre Skit With Stephen Colbert

We’ve seen James Bond fight against forces of evil and tyranny over the course of 24 movies and 52 years, but never before have we seen him fight against the bureaucracy of the infamous rental car industry. This clip from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert has finally given us that privilege, and it’s as gripping as you’d expect.

This sketch between Stephen Colbert’s testy rental counter employee and Craig’s famed super spy was part of the actor’s appearance on the show to promote Spectre last night, and it’s definitely funnier than you’d expect for the man who could kill with a stare. While the scene is basically Bond trying to avoid an unnamed assassin via renting an escape vehicle, the fact that most, if not all, of the vehicles 007 has driven prevents him from getting anywhere fast. Of course, it would help if the clerk behind the counter was a little more service driven in a customer facing role, but then again - we all have our off days.

Perhaps the best part about this "deleted scene" skit tying into Spectre is the fact that once Daniel Craig gets his hands on Stephen Colbert’s lapels and drags him in for a reprimand, he breaks the scene so damned hard. With the intensity that is required for Craig to play James Bond as expertly as he does, you can tell that when he gets a chance to let loose and have some fun in a scene like this, it’s hard to keep a straight face. Thankfully, it’s a performance that actually makes the audience laugh along with the actor as he breaks the fourth wall, and it’s one of those TV moments that make The Late Show With Stephen Colbert just that much more fun to watch.

Though let’s face it, James Bond does indeed have a problem with bringing back his vehicles in pristine order. In fact, even the Bond franchise itself poked fun of this fact in the Pierce Brosnan outing, Tomorrow Never Dies. You can watch that comedic scene in the clip below.

As Stephen Colbert mentioned in his interview with Daniel Craig, he’s clearly a fan of the James Bond franchise. Whether this particular scene , or just the fact that Bond really does have a problem driving without running into various hazards, is the inspiration for this Spectre themed sketch, it’s a pretty funny moment between a legendary man of espionage and a guy who has to pay for his own vest in order to do his job. Let’s just hope the actual film has us being thrilled with the end result, instead of laughing ourselves out of the theater.

Spectre opens in advanced showings tonight, so check your local listings and book your seats accordingly. Also, be sure to DVR The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, as some of the later showings will prevent you from tuning in to CBS at 11:35 PM EST.

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