Watch The Real Michael Bolton Hilariously Recreate Office Space Scenes

Mike Judge's Office Space isn't exactly a film that celebrates the career of singer Michael Bolton - actually going out of its way to call him a "no-talent ass clown" (one of my favorite cinematic insults) - but it's to Bolton's credit that he takes the jabs in stride. How do we know this? Because he actually agreed to recreate the key scenes in the film that mock his name.

Above you'll find one of the latest videos to hit Funny or Die, and while it's not exactly going to surprise you in any major way, that doesn't stop it from being funny and well put together. As the title "Office Space with Michael Bolton" suggests, the clip features the singer edited into some of the most memorable scenes from the cult comedy, and in addition to being a rather skilled edit, it's also humorous to watch Bolton poke fun at himself.

Of course, Michael Bolton's performance - subbing in for the great David Herman - is slightly altered. Breaking the fourth wall a touch and doing what he can to save a little face, he quickly subs in "extremely talented" for "no-talent" in the movie's most iconic insult. Of course, he doesn't alter the "ass clown" part of the line, so it's really only a half victory for the Grammy winner. You can watch the original scene from the Mike Judge film for comparison (and laughs) below.

It's now been 16 years since the release of Office Space, and while the business world in the film does look a whole lot different than the business world we live in today, it's a credit to the movie that it's still seen as a pop culture landmark that we can refer back to time and time again with deep appreciation. If it's not Michael Bolton parodies like this one, it's commercials starring Gary Cole in character as Bill Lumbergh talking about the importance of filing proper TPS Reports.

Office Space remains the perfect film for anybody who has ever felt trapped within the corporate world, doing meaningless work and reporting to intolerable higher-ups - and it's nice that even Michael Bolton can appreciate the movie's legacy as well.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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