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Watch Seth Rogen And James Franco Kill A World Leader In The Interview Trailer

After escaping the wrath of God by hiding out in James Franco’s mansion and later racing around Los Angeles in last summer’s This is the End, Franco and his pal Seth Rogen will be heading behind enemy lines to question a dictator in The Interview, which just shared its first full trailer above (courtesy of Yahoo Movies).

Seth Rogen and his frequent collaborator, Evan Goldberg, co-direct The Interview, which casts Rogen and Franco as a talk-show host and his producer, who score an interview with North Korean despot Kim Jong-Un. But once the interview is confirmed, the CIA approach the duo and demand that they use the opportunity to assassinate Kim Jong-Un… turning this into an impossible mission.

God, James Franco and Seth Rogen have come a long way since Freaks and Geeks. This looks like a sophisticated movie, with obvious flourishes of frat-guy humor (there’s a discussion about peeing and pooping, of course), but a meta commentary on the political landscape, and the possible influence two media members might have on it. Then again, they have to overcome a lot if they want to top this:

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From the "Western Capitalist Pigs" that brought you This Is the End and Neighbors. That’s funny. And so was both Neighbors and This Is The End, reminding audiences that Rogen and his crew are on a hot streak that isn’t likely to cool with The Interview.

Lizzy Caplan, Randall Park and Diana Bang co-star in The Interview, which is due to reach theaters on October 10. That is an offbeat time slot for a Seth Rogen comedy. Audiences in October normally are choosing between the latest chapters of popular horror series (as they prepare for Halloween) or the bumper crop of Oscar hopefuls that have played in New York, Toronto or Telluride. Does this release date mean that The Interview has Oscar aspirations? We shall see.

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