Watch This Sin City 2 TV Spot That Was Banned Because Of Eva Green's Boobs

The following video has been deemed unacceptable for general audiences by the Motion Picture Association of America. Considering how straight up incompetent that organization is, I would encourage you to ignore their warning and heed mine instead. The following video is NSFW-ish thanks to some minor violence and what might be a nipple, if you squint your eyes hard enough.

So, if your boss is on the lookout for anything that could be NSFW, bail. If you work anywhere reasonable, you’re probably in bounds here

The above television spot for Sin City 2 features a wide variety of characters, but as per usual, the attention and outrage has been focused on Eva Green. More specifically, it’s been focused on Eva Green’s boobs, which are just too aggressive for the MPAA watchdogs, who ruled the above TV spot unacceptable for normal audiences. Doesn’t that sound familiar?

First, they banned her movie poster for excessive nudity, despite the fact that her lady bits were shadowed quite a bit, and now, they’ve apparently given this spot the heave-ho because you maybe, sorta could see a nipple if you paused it at exactly the right moment.

Which we did…

For the love of all that is holy! What if children were watching this commercial, paused their DVRs, rewound to the exact right moment and looked at the screen to stare at what might be a nipple here? We can’t have that, especially when it’s so hard nowadays to go to Google Image Search and find any manner of filth as quickly as you can think of it. Oh wait. That’s right. Every kid in the United States over the age of seven has already seen human beings from every angle imaginable, except apparently side profile Eva Green with heavy shadows.

At this point, it’s unclear to me whether the MPAA just has it out for Sin City 2 or whether Sin City 2 is intentionally violating minor rules on all of its marketing materials so they get BANNED. After all, it provides a nice bit of publicy and convinces websites like ours to write Sin City 2 a lot.

In case you were wondering, Sin City 2 comes out on August 22nd. The final product will, of course, not be censored.

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