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Watch This Supercut Of Epic Movie Shots From 2014

2014 could very well go down in history as the year of the supercut, simply because there have been so many of them in the past 12 months. A lot of them have even been more exemplary works of editing than some of the films we sat through this year. One such example is this awesome supercut of some of the best moments in cinematography that cinema had to offer in 2014, and it's included for your viewing pleasure below.

Kudos go out to Vimeo user Jacob T. Swinney for his extremely beautiful look at the moments of 2014 that caught our eyes for just a little longer than normal. The flow of the selection of clips is beautifully complimented by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross's track "Sugar Storm," coming from the Gone Girl soundtrack. In fact, if you look close enough, you'll see the scene this song was originally used for in the mix, as well as some gorgeous shots from The Grand Budapest Hotel, Snowpiercer, and Boyhood - just to name a few.

As well represented as the year of 2014 is in this video, only disappointing thing about this montage is that it solely focuses on live-action films. While animation wasn't at its best levels of representation this year, there were some pretty neat shots from The LEGO Movie, How To Train Your Dragon 2, and even Big Hero 6 that could have been represented in this clip fest. It's not a deal breaker, but it's a little upsetting that the major strides in animated cinematography were not represented at all in this otherwise pretty comprehensive reel.

In a year that saw everything from moments of crime to fake movie ads receiving a supercut of their own, Swinney's segment is probably the best one we've seen since Final Cut 2014 landed on our desks. Both are pure examples of editing flourish that link together so many dissimilar films together with the common thread of art, and they both hit the notes of the music just right with the moments that are chosen for exhibition. It's exciting when a supercut like this hits, because in this day and age all it takes is the right person to see this video and Jacob T. Swinney could become one of those editing greats that he is mimicking with his work.

So in the year of supercuts, what's the one supercut that could cap off the year so perfectly? Why, naturally, it'd be a supercut of the best moments from the best trailers that 2015 can offer. While we're mere hours away from the start of 2015, it's not too late to hope that some amateur editor with an eye for action is working away at their computer, putting together the perfect video to ring in a new year of cinema. Here's hoping we find such a supercut to share with all of you out there, and here's hoping 2015 is a year that's good to us all at the movies!

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