Remember that scene in Inception when Ellen Page is figuring out what she can do in dreams and takes the entire city and flips it on top of itself? Well, what if the world was actually like that? What if it had a fully diverse population living their everyday lives, just like we do? Most importantly, though, what if the people in the top world hate the people in the bottom world, and vice versa? Well, then you'd get the plot of Upside Down, the new science-fiction romance from director Juan Diego Solanas? It's an incredibly cool idea and now you can see what it might look like thanks to a new trailer that debuted today.

Check it out below, courtesy of CanalPlus.

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The film stars Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst as star crossed lovers named Adam and Eve (not as clever as the plot) who fall in love while their respective worlds go to war. Solanas also co-wrote the script with Santiago Amigorena. The film does not yet have a distributor or a release date, but will likely show at festivals later this year and possibly make it to theaters by the fall.

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