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It's been a while since Vince Vaughn has really wowed an audience with a movie that truly shows off his off kilter sensibilities. While the trailer for Unfinished Business shows a more subdued, less in-your-face version of Vaughn's classic persona, it also shows that he's still got some prime laughs in him. You can watch for yourself below.
20th Century Fox shared this red band trailer through their YouTube channel, and for a film that's being dropped into a March release date next year, it actually looks pretty funny. The main thrust of the story is that Vince Vaughn has been running his own business for a year or so, and has just landed the big deal that'll pull it all together. Unfortunately for him and his colleagues, there's some surprise competition in the form of Vaughn's ex- boss, played by Sienna Miller. With the deal hanging by the thread, and his company depending on a positive outcome, it's up to Vaughn and his compatriots to pull the big win.

Perhaps the reason that Unfinished Business looks so good is the fact that Vince Vaughn is surrounded by some great comedic talent to play off of. His team consists of Dave Franco and Tom Wilkinson, while James Marsden and Nick Frost are two of the members of the delegation from the company who's business they're trying to win. If you were one of the people who saw the random photos of Nick Frost in a leather outfit that popped up on the internet, you can finally rest easily knowing that they came from the set of this particular film.

Unfinished Business looks like it could be a sleeper hit in the early months of 2015, with enough comedic muscle and edgy humor to make it stand out from the more benign efforts that Vaughn has been associated with in recent times. With Delivery Man failing to even make a dent in last year's November film market, it's beginning to look like Vince Vaughn is going to have to either make another solid comedy, or try his hand at dramatic films again. Anyone who's still scarred from watching him in Psycho is probably hoping that the former possibility will be the one that comes to fruition.

Still, Unfinished Business looks like it could have a good enough blend of heart and filth that Vince Vaughn could see himself coming back into prominence. With that and the next season of True Detective under his belt, Vaughn just might find a career renaissance awaiting him at the end of 2015. At the very least, we'll get to see Nick Frost and James Marsden riff off of each other, and if that's not worth the price of admission, then I don't know what is.

Unfinished Business closes the deal on March 6, 2015.

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