Watch What Happens When Kids Ask Mark Ruffalo To Hulk Out

Having a famous father has to have its privileges. Having a father who’s also an Avenger has to come with even more benefits. And if your father is Mark Ruffalo, it means he’s willing to play along when a preschooler asks him to get angry and hulk out, right in the middle of a coloring session. At least, that’s how this adorable story goes:

What’s that, Mr. Ruffalo? The kids at your daughter’s preschool don’t ask you to re-enact scenes from David Fincher’s masterpiece, Zodiac? They don’t pepper you with questions about your Oscar-nominated turn in The Kids Are All Right? Please tell me these kids at least have caught up with your Emmy Award nominated turn in The Normal Heart?! Because if not, then we have failed as a society!

Nope. As Mark Ruffalo tells Jimmy Fallon, when you are the Hulk, that’s the role that’s going to capture the hearts and minds of the Crayola-coloring demographic. What I love about the clip is the moment where Ruffalo pretends that he’s going to Hulk out Not the kid’s reaction (which is equally priceless). Just the sight of Ruffalo beefing himself up.

Mark Ruffalo Hulk

What I don’t like, however, is the knowledge that Ruffalo knows exactly what happens to The Incredible Hulk at the end of The Avengers: Age of Ultron… and he isn’t sharing it. Maybe he told the preschooler? We don’t know. But there are so many rumors swirling about the possibility that Hulk could be isolated from his team – and possibly shot into space. Is that an option? Of course it is. We have a feeling that Age of Ultron is going to drastically change the landscape of the Marvel universe, and the Avengers are going to be in a very dark place leading into the Civil War of Captain America 3.

Maybe if we can get ourselves into that preschool we can goad Mark Ruffalo’s daughter into telling us something of value, because she takes a lot of pride in the fact that her daddy’s The Incredible Hulk!

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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