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It’s probably been quite a while since Ben Affleck had the living bejesus scared out of him. But whenever someone pays a visit to Ellen DeGeneres’ titular chat-show they go in knowing full well that they will probably be surprised and shocked out of their chair at some point during their interview. This royal treatment was given to Ben Affleck during his appearance on Ellen, and the actor flew up so high he actually looked more like Superman than Batman.

Admit it, from the title you were hoping that Ben Affleck’s Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice co-star Gal Gadot was the one who was doing the scaring. Unfortunately, rather than the Israeli actress, it was an unidentified, slightly portly, curly haired individual, who didn’t quite wear the Wonder Woman attire with the same appeal as Gal Gadot that left Ben Affleck scared.

Rather frustratingly, Ben Affleck being petrified by Ellen DeGeneres’ Wonder Woman came when the actor was struggling to describe Batman’s relationship with Gal Gadot’s incarnation of the superhero icon in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Not that Affleck was about to unleash a huge spoiler on the world. And even if he was, it was still completely worth missing out on it to see him react in such a way.
But before Ben Affleck could coherently explain Bruce Wayne’s relationship with Diana Prince he was left flailing in his chair. In fact, while re-watching the clip Ben Affleck admitted that he was "genuinely scared" by the emergence of the host’s Wonder Woman.

The big question is though: how far away from Ellen DeGeneres causing a heart-attack with this prank are we? Obviously, since Ben Affleck is 43-years-old and in what can only be described as mouth-wateringly perfect shape, it was very unlikely that the actor and director would collapse in pain after being shocked.

But Hollywood actors are very secretive folks. And Ellen DeGeneres might shock the wrong person concealing a heart condition. It would certainly make for some sensational television, though.

Obviously that’s something for Ellen DeGeneres and her team to mull over. Until then, go and check out Ben Affleck in all his pomp as Batman in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, which is now just over a week away from hitting cinemas, as it will do so on March 25.

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