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Even though the surprise might have gotten a little spoiled, the arrival of the entire X-Men: Days of Future Past cast onstage at Comic-Con last Saturday was still a huge moment, inspiring the kind of emotional reactions in comics fans that are usually reserved for the Twilight screamers in Hall H (and hey, who says Ian McKellen doesn't deserve the Robert Pattinson treatment?) As Eric wrote in his liveblog, not only was the footage "TREMENDOUS," but "the entire DOFP cast is here, and Hall H is losing its shit."

We've already brought you the highlights from that surprise Hall H appearance, but to see the cast reunited among a slightly calmer crowd, check out this video of the entire press conference they participated in before their big appearance in front of the fans. You've still got the reunion of both X-Men casts, including the two Magnetos and the two Professor Xs, but with slightly less screaming to drown it out. Also, quite possibly dirtier jokes-- it was in front of the entire Comic-Con crowd that Ian McKellen flirted with Michael Fassbender, but only in the press conference that James McAvoy felt the need to point out that "Can I see Cerebro?" is not a euphemism for the casting couch process that landed Jennifer Lawrence the role as Mystique.

Of course, explaining the jokes is only going to ruin them, so just go ahead and watch the video above, which includes confirmation that it's Wolverine, not Kitty Pryde, who travels back in time (as opposed to the original story in the comics). Writer Simon Kinberg and director Bryan Singer also talk about how the time travel elements make this story different from most other superhero movies, Patrick Stewart talks about how disappointed he was when he thought he wouldn't get to come back for Days of Future Past, and the two Magnetos and two Professor Xs generally spend a lot of time complimenting each other. Man, how much would you like to go out and get drinks with that foursome?

Even though both the press conference and the big panel went light on plot specifics, the reveal of Sentinels helmets confirmed a major element of what we've all suspected about the plot-- Peter Dinklage's Bolivar Trask invents the giant robot Sentinels to hunt down mutants in the future, and Wolverine travels to the past to warn the younger X-Men about what's to come. Based on that Hall H footage what happens after that is pretty exciting… but those of us who weren't there will have to hold our horses for an official trailer to find out exactly how it works. At least we don't have all that long to wait for the final product-- X-Men: Days Of Future Past hits theaters May 23, 2014.

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