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In between all the painful self-promotion which is now being substituted in place of entertainment during the MTV Movie Awards, for people who remember the 90s there was one, shining moment. Mike Myers and Dana Carvey reunited to do their first new episode of Wayne’s World since 1994. It was in a word, transcendent. Carvey and Myers may have gotten older, but Wayne and Garth haven’t missed a beat.

Rocketing into the new millennium Wayne and Garth discussed Tila Tequila’s bisexuality and unveiled a new Top Ten list of porno names based on 2008 movie titles. They were, in predictable Wayne’s World style, both funny and cringeworthy. It was one, perfect moment in the evening’s blatantly product placed festivities. If you missed it, MTV will be re-running the MTV Movie Awards over and over again tonight, and no doubt for the rest of the week. TiVo them and fast forward, or just watch at least part of it via the clip below. I’ll update the clip with a better, full version as soon as we can find it: