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When it was announced that the Ghostbusters franchise was being rebooted the movie instantly became one of the most talked about upcoming movies. Since then we’ve received bits of news and a handful of images of the new team of Ghostbusters, but footage of the film has been sadly lacking. Now director Paul Feig has put a clock on the first trailer, so, now we know exactly how long we have to wait.

Yesterday on Twitter Paul Feig announced the new launch of the Ghostbusters website and gave us a timeline on when the new trailer will arrive. With the launch of the new website we now know exactly where to be looking for the new trailer, and, with a deadline of the end of the month, we have somewhere in the neighborhood of three to four weeks to wait before getting our first glimpse at the new Ghostbusters. While that’s about three to four weeks longer than we’d like to wait, at least now we have an idea of when we’ll see something, and we can always hold out hope that it hits earlier in that window rather than later. Any time after the middle of the month counts as "around the end," right?

While the new Ghostbusters has been a controversial film since the announcement that the new team would be made up entirely of women, all of the backlash has existed without anybody knowing anything about what the finished product would look like. Hopefully, the new trailer will be fantastic and it will put at least some of the concern to rest.

The trailer should also finally give us some insight into what the plot of the movie really is. While we’ve seen some detail about how the film will follow Kristen Wiig as a disgraced professor who joins the Ghostbusters (Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon) after it’s discovered that she penned a book about the existence of ghosts, we expect that setup will take all of about the first 20 minutes of the movie. Where the story goes from there is anybody’s guess at this point. While we don’t expect to see Gozer or Viggo the Carpathian making an appearance, we don’t know anything about this film’s big bad, or even if there is one. There will be plenty of ghosts, to be sure, but how they all fit into the movies’ greater story is still unknown.

Are you looking forward to finally seeing what the new Ghostbusters and the new ghosts will all look like in the actual film? With less than a month to wait we’ll have a lot more to talk about very soon.