We're The Millers Red Band Trailer Doesn't Raise The Bar For R-Rated Comedy

Am I the only person who thought that the above We’re the Millers trailer was worlds better than the first red band trailer? Granted, the bulk of that opinion rests on the fact that they refrained from showing us the swollen horror of Kenny’s (Will Poulter) spider-bitten testicles. That kind of omission goes a long way sometimes.

The trailer comes to us from Warner Bros., and features both an intro and an outro from stars Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis, who happens to be rocking the mustache of someone who drives large white windowless vans around playgrounds. After they offer a few of their own expletives, the trailer starts, and we’re transported into the world of this year’s most dysfunctional fake family. Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” is playing to really nail the multiple identity plotline on the head.

I get put off by trailers that begin with an entire scene from the film shown out of context, and the one seen here isn’t even especially amusing, only serving to lead into the trailer’s first use of the f-word. I definitely want this film to be good, because zany Hollywood comedies nearly never live up to their potential. (The Watch, I’m glaring at you.) But films led by Sudeikis or Aniston are really hit-or-miss, and watching the two of joke about who will blow Luis Guzmán’s cop to get out of trouble isn’t very encouraging. I keep having to check IMDb to make sure the Farrelly brothers didn’t make this.

That said, you show me something as dark as Kathryn Hahn’s character thinking a live baby was thrown onto the hard surface of a highway while traffic is passing, and I start chuckling. There’s no accounting for taste, and I think enough of this film will amuse me that I won’t walk away with a bad taste in my mouth. (Not from Luis Guzmán, I swear.) If nothing else, it will be a good litmus test for the R-rated comedic skills of Emma Roberts, who is transferring nicely from harmless fluff like Nancy Drew to more adult dramatic roles, and Will Poulter, who absolutely killed it in 2007’s Son of Rambow. I’m perfectly comfortable with most of the movie passing without Poulter’s balls getting bitten. Although if that means more Scott Adsit as a doctor, I’m okay with it.

This trailer doesn’t do a good job of delivering the plot, which sees this foursome coming together to split $100,000 for smuggling a large amount of pot for Ed Helms. Gotta promote those wacky family occurrences though, like having Aniston stripped down and dancing beneath a shower of water. The film also stars Nick Offerman, who should have done the stripper scene in my opinion, Tomer Sisley, Molly Quinn and Thomas Lennon. It comes out next Wednesday on August 7, obviously trying to smuggle all the money it can before Elysium and Disney’s Planes open on Friday. Check out the film’s green band trailer below if clean dirty humor is your thing.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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