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There can’t be too many people out there who have a bad word to say about either Kevin Hart or Josh Gad. Both of them are eminently watchable and always seem to be on the precipice of making someone laugh. And the red-band trailer for The Wedding Ringer seems to suggest that will be the exact same scenario for their upcoming cinematic collaboration. You can watch it below. Prior warning though, it is laced with profanity from start to finish.
Seriously, how can you not love both Kevin Hart and Josh Gad like they are your own flesh and blood? Hopefully The Wedding Ringerwill allow the pair’s explosive comedic talents to erupt across the screen in tandem., and the early hints are that it should do just that. As you’d expect from a red band trailer, there is an awful lot of potty mouth in this new look at The Wedding Ringer. Even the grandmother of Josh Gad’s character can’t help herself and joins in the fun. Plus you also get to see a relatively trimmed-down but still slightly portly Josh Gad fall through a glass table. Which, even though it is dumb, is still funny.

But what will The Wedding Ringer actually entail? Based on a script by Jay Lavender and director Jeremy Garelick, the film centers on Doug Harris (Josh Gad), a nice guy who is about to be married to his beautiful fiancee. Unfortunately, he has never been the kind of guy to develop close relationships with other guys, and finds himself at a complete loss while trying to pick a Best Man for his wedding. Not wanting to be embarassed in front of his new in-laws, Doug winds up employing the help of Jimmy Callahan (Kevin Hart), a professional Best Man For Hire.

The R-rated clip goes out of its way to show just how popular The Wedding Ringer has been with audiences who were given the opportunity to see the movie in preview screeenings . It shows off a barrage of Twitter reviews, each of which seem to suggest that the comedy is the greatest thing to have happened to the genre since Charlie Chaplin picked up a cane, donned a bowler hat and painted on a fake mustache. While you probably have to take these plaudits with a pinch of salt, there is something to be said for just how popular it appears to be with everyday moviegoers. You could easily see The Wedding Ringer being chastised by critics for being crude and unoriginal, especially since it basically seems to have the exact same plot as I Love You Man.

But as long as it resonates with the people who actually pay to go and see it, then Sony Pictures should be quietly confident that word of mouth could result it in blossoming into a surprise success. And with Kevin Hart and Josh Gad leading the way, you could easily see that happening. We'll have to wait and see when The Wedding Ringer is finally released on January 16, 2015.