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After Marvel and Sony announced in February that they would be working together on future Spider-Man films, this understandably spelled the end of the Amazing Spider-Man series. Although Sony originally planned to build a self-contained Spider-Man universe, these were tossed aside in favor of throwing the Wall-Crawler in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Despite the creative shift, previous Spidey director Marc Webb doesn’t have any hard feelings about how things went.

When asked by MTV how he felt about Marvel taking Spider-Man in a new direction, Webb stated that he’s glad to see the character back home with Marvel. In his words:
I’m really psyched that Spider-Man has gotten to go back to the Marvel universe. I’m really excited to see that incarnation…It’s sad a little bit to surrender that in a way, but it’s as it must be, I guess.

Webb went on to say that the Spider-Man universe has a lot of capacity for reinvention, and no matter what version of the story is being told, Spidey is a character that belongs in the movies. Since the Marvel/Sony announcement, Tom Holland has been cast as the new Peter Parker and Jon Watts has been hired as director of the next solo film. Marisa Tomei has also been reportedly recruited as Peter’s Aunt May.

Despite looking forward to what’s coming next for the Wall-Crawler, Webb admits that he wish he had been able to expand on his story following The Amazing Spider-Man 2, specifically with learning more about Michael Massee’s The Man in the Hat (the mysterious individual who was forming the Sinister Six) and introducing Venom. The Amazing Spider-Man 3 was set to hit theaters in 2018, and would have been accompanied by Sinister Six (which is still in development) and a female-led spinoff. While plot details on the upcoming films were scarce, Denis Leary, who played George Stacy, said at Comic-Con this weekend that one of the ideas for The Amazing Spider-Man 3 involved Peter using a formula that would have let him bring his deceased loved ones back to life.

You can check out Webb’s full comments in the clip below, including Webb talking about his past experience with Watts.

The Amazing Spider-Man series is now nothing more than another entry in Spider-Man’s decades-long history, but we’ll be seeing plenty of the Web-Slinger in the coming years. Holland’s Spider-Man will debut next May in Captain America: Civil War, followed by his solo movie on July 28, 2017.