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Our very own Katey Rich put Terrence Malick’s contemplative, expansive The Tree of Life atop her year-end Top 10 list … then took an unfair beating in the comments section under the piece for supposedly celebrating “hipster” cinematic fare. Perhaps those who railed against Malick’s gorgeous tone poem would prefer the meditative director to churn out simplistic sop such as this? (Via Press Play):

As the site says, this is a glimpse at what could have been – Kevin James, Optimus Prime and the cast of The Hangover: Part II in a Malick film. Imagine the horror. The hilarious, hilarious horror. The sight of Brad Pitt voicing the lion and the ape from Zookeeper squeezed the biggest laughs out of me.

Then again, it is a little unnerving how the Tree of Life score properly accompanies Michael Bay’s devastating combat scenes from Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Could it be that only a sliver of creative discipline separates Malick from Bay?

Probably not.

Seeing Adam Sandler mocked mercilessly in this clip for the abomination that is Jack & Jill only reminds me that it wasn’t that long ago when one Paul Thomas Anderson took a chance on the Happy Gilmore star for the admirable Punch Drunk Love. Will Sandler ever aspire to those heights again? Or are we doomed to a steady stream of Grown Up sequels for all eternity?