What Tina Fey Wants To Do With Mean Girls Next

Movies get a lot of flack for their dependence on adaptations for their ideas. It seems that if your idea wasn’t a novel, a comic book, or a TV show first, you can’t even get a movie made anymore. However, there’s a place that seems just as dependent on Hollywood’s original ideas for their own productions, Broadway. The stage loves to turn hit movies into musicals. Although, when the original creator is the one doing the musical adaptation, we can let it slide, which is why we’re a little excited to hear Tina Fey is working on giving Mean Girls the Broadway musical treatment.

The news came directly from Tina Fey, who made the announcement as part of a panel at New York’s Florence Gould Hall last week. The screenwriter of the original Mean Girls was quoted by Logo’s NewNowNext.com as saying:

My husband [composer] Jeff Richmond and I, [along with lyricist] Nell Benjamin, have been working on it.

The reveal was reportedly met with wild cheers from the audience in attendance, though they were likely dampened somewhat when Tina Fey followed up the comment by saying that seeing the Mean Girls take the stage would be "years away." While the news that they’ll have to wait will likely be painful for any fans, the fact that the musical is coming at all is about as good as news can be for anybody hoping for a sequel.

Mean Girls was a big hit for everybody involved, from Tina Fey to Lindsay Lohan, so it’s not surprising that there have been those who have wanted to see a sequel. Tina Fey has shown zero desire in wanting to write a follow up and really, only Lohan has expressed any interest in doing a sequel. It’s probably best that the movie be allowed to live on its own, however, a musical is something else entirely. It could add an additional dimension to the story, and potentially some really entertaining song-and-dance numbers to the scenes we all remember. We can already imagine an entire song about the definition of the word "fetch."

Would you like to see a Mean Girls musical? What scene would you like to see put to music? Let us know in the comments if you'll see the show when it eventually goes on tour.

Dirk Libbey
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