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It doesn’t matter if you love him or loathe him, any new Michael Moore film is going to get your attention. Over the years the portly filmmaker has examined gun-control, health-care, and George W. Bush, all to a high level of success. For his new film, Where To Invade Next, he’s covering a variety of topics, comparing different countries’ approaches to military aggression, education, prison, health care, work weeks, and more, to America’s. It’s also believed to be him funniest film to date, and you can check out its first trailer below.

Where To Invade Next’s debut teaser certainly suggests that this could be Moore’s lightest and funniest documentary in a good while. However, the shots of the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, prove that Michael Moore, who is not one for avoiding controversy, will clearly tackle weightier issues, too.

With Where To Invade Next, Michael Moore, who shot the film in secret with a small crew, looks to examine a number of political areas from different countries, before then taking the best of them for the United States. On his journey, Moore visits an array of different countries over three continents, contrasting the approach that the United States has to health-care, work weeks, education, female leadership, prison reform, and countless other topics to those of Finland, Germany, and France.

It also sounds as if, after premiering at the Toronto Film Festival on Thursday night, that Michael Moore’s latest film won’t have any trouble gaining distribution, after it made a tremendous debut at the event. Critics and audiences alike have both responded positively to his latest flick, and already a number of studios and distributors are preparing bids to purchase the film and bring it to wider audiences.

Which is hardly surprising. Because Michael Moore’s films have mostly performed well at the box office. Bowling For Columbine grossed $58.08 million, Sicko made $36.08 million, while Farenheit 9/11 is the highest grossing documentary of all time with $222.5 million.

And with early audiences and critics clearly having already chimed with the subject matter, there’s every chance that Moore’s latest could prove to be another resounding success. Especially since it will probably be released just in time for the 2016 presidential election, and Moore’s film could help to stoke the flames of debate when America needs it most.

Moore has previously stated that Where To Invade Next could even hit cinemas as early as the 2015 Thanksgiving holiday. We'll find out if that's actually the case over the next few days. 

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