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Now that Wade Wilson has proven himself an absolutely capable box office draw, all eyes are on Deadpool 2 to repeat the success of its predecessor. In one near-perfect movie, he proved that an R-rated avenue to FOX’s X-Men universe could totally work wonders with audiences. The upcoming Deadpool sequel will bring iconic X-Man Cable into the equation, but many fans had hoped to see him sooner. As it turns out, Cable was almost featured prominently in the recent Deadpool solo movie.

Speaking with Inverse, Deadpool’s creator Rob Liefeld spoke out about how Cable’s presence in the recent superhero blockbuster was strongly considered, but ultimately dropped:
Half of us believed the movie should involve Cable. I could feel Cable breathing down my neck. I said, 'No. Don’t put Cable in the first movie.' If Cable comes later, great. Deadpool is a vehicle for Ryan to shine. Cable bogs it down, I’m not sure it works as a first film with a general audience. I got in the car and I said, 'Did I really just kill the appearance of my other more popular character?'

Although it didn’t initially sit well with Rob Liefeld, he opted to side with FOX on the matter, and leave the time-travelling mutant on the back burner so a future movie could have him. In the end it seems like the folks behind Deadpool made the right decision. Wade Wilson is a niche enough character that he really needs an entire movie for audiences to properly become acquainted with his personality and abilities. Cable is an incredibly complex character, full of a ton of high-concept sci-fi tropes; those would have ultimately weighed down the relatively straightforward narrative of Deadpool. However, Deadpool covered its bases by promising that Cable would show up in a sequel during the film’s credits. It’s a glorious homage to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

By focusing on Ryan Reynolds and his character Wade Wilson, Deadpool proved successful enough with audiences that a sequel was a no brainer for FOX. Now they have an entire movie to introduce Cable and have him team up with an anti-hero that has already definitively won audiences over in a big way. Now it’s just a matter of casting; numerous actors’ names have been thrown around the rumor mill for the highly coveted part, ranging from Jon Hamm, to Avatar’s Stephen Lang, to even actress Kiera Knightly – she’s got range, after all.

Do you think Cable should have been present in Deadpool? Sound off in the comments below.

We will keep you up to date regarding any and all information related to Deadpool 2 – as well as Cable’s involvement in the film – as it becomes available to us.

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