Why Ryan Reynolds Is Really Worried For Michael B. Jordan

Ryan Reynolds has made a lot of movies. He’s made good movies, bad movies, and everything in between. He’s also got a unique perspective of starring in a terrible superhero movie. So, with that knowledge, what does he thing about this summer’s Fantastic Four debacle? He’s worried it might stain the career of Michael B. Jordan.

In an extensive interview with GQ Reynolds talks a lot about superhero flicks, both past and future, but when asked about how Miles Teller’s turn in Whiplash was rewarded by the bomb that was Fantastic Four, Reynolds said that he’s more worried about one of Teller’s co-stars. He explained,

I’m more frustrated about the Michael B. Jordan aspect than Miles Teller. You know, Miles Teller’s gonna recover. Miles Teller’s gonna go on to do amazing things, you know. It’s important that Michael B. Jordan continues to go on and do amazing things.

Both Teller and Jordan have been hot up and coming actors in the last couple years. The year before Teller’s turn in Whiplash, Jordan starred in the critically praised Fruitvale Station. Their careers look fairly similar to this point. So why does the man who was Green Lantern feel Jordan’s career could suffer more? On follow up, Reynolds says that it’s not easy for black actors (or women for that matter) in Hollywood. The primary issue seems to be one of opportunities for minority actors. He also points out that Jordan (though by extension all the lead actors can be included) had no real control over how the final film turned out so he shouldn’t be blamed for it.

The concern certainly makes sense. When Jordan was originally cast as Johnny Storm, comic book fans met the news with a variety of emotions. Some were curious, while others were furious. This was odd since the character’s ability to produce fire was not associated with his genetic make-up in any way. The issues mirror those of John Boyega’s role in the upcoming Star Wars film. He’s also had to deal with blowback based on trailers that showed him as a black stormtrooper. These are just two recent examples that do show difficulties that white actors would not have to deal with.

Jordan does have one ace up his sleeve that may very well stop the bleeding of Fantastic Four. Later this year he’ll be seen starring in Creed, where he will play the son of Carl Weather’s character from the Rocky film series. He’ll also be trained by Rocky Balboa himself, Sylvester Stallone. The movie reunites him with his Fruitvale Station director, Ryan Coogler, also, so there’s a strong potential for a great film.

Dirk Libbey
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