Filming on Iron Man 3 is already underway in Wilmington, North Carolina, and all the main elements of the cast and crew already in place. You've got Rober Downey Jr. back as Iron Man, Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle back as Pepper Potts and Rhodey, and tons of new additions, from Ben Kingsley and Guy Pearce as major villains to Jon Favreau, back on set as just as an actor this time to play Happy Hogan again.

But just because production is starting doesn't mean there's no time to make some tweaks, or introduce some actors on the set who hadn't yet been announced. Just yesterday we learned that Ashley Hamilton had signed on to play the villainous Firepower, and now Latino Review is reporting that another character, William Sadler, has been spotted at a costume test on the set as well. You'll recognize him from everything from the recent Being Flynn and TV's Hawaii Five-O reboot to way back in the day when he was in Die Hard 2 and Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey.

Though Latino Review reported the scoop, they don't know who he'll be playing, just that he was getting a costume fitting around the same time as Guy Pearce, who is playing geneticist and potential villain Aldrich Killian. Let's at least hope Sadler isn't playing another villain-- the addition of Ashley Hamilton has the rogue's gallery very, very crowded this time around, and I'm already worried we're veering too close back to the Iron Man 2 conundrum, where there were so many villains none of them mattered. With Shane Black directing and co-writing they're clearly going for a kind of mini-reboot, but if there's one thing they've learned from iron Man 2, I hope it's that more villains don't make anything better.

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