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Wolfgang Peterson Developing Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots Movie

In a world where the View-Master and a Ouija board can be turned into film properties, it was assumed by most that Shawn Levy's upcoming movie Real Steel with Hugh Jackman would be the equivalent of a Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots movie. It is a movie about a league where two robots fight each other in a boxing ring. Not much further you can go with that premise, right? Well, apparently Wolfgang Peterson disagrees.

Pajiba, via a source, is reporting that Peterson, Mattel and Mandeville Films are developing a movie based on the toy that is good for about 10 minutes of fun before your friend accuses you of cheating and storms off in a huff. According to the source, the film will be about "one robot that becomes part human, part robot” and is described as "Gladiator meets Iron Man."

This is all a bad joke right? This summer we've seen Killers vs. Knight and Day, The A-Team vs. The Losers and, in a few months, Despicable Me vs. Megamind. And now they're doing this? It's not news that Hollywood is all but completely devoid of all fresh ideas, but at least give the public some credit and not make identical movies come out within a year of each other.

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