Now that Harry Potter has wrapped up his adventures both on the screen and on the page, it will be interesting to see where the careers of Daniel Radcliffe and the rest of the cast, who have devoted much of their young lives to the series, go. For his first post-Potter flick, Radcliffe will still be dealing with supernatural matters, but the Woman in Black looks a lot more intimidating than old no-nose Voldemort ever was. MSN UK has landed the exclusive premiere of the international trailer for The Woman in Black. The Boy Who Lived Up Until Now At Least will be playing a young lawyer who must travel to a remote village to take care of the affairs of a recently dead client. Sound pretty tedious, right? Nothing exciting could come of that. Well, just take a look...

I'll admit it: I jumped at the eyeball. I'm a sucker for period ghost stories (I still love The Others), so this one just landed squarely in the middle of my radar. Like me, you might not be familiar with The Woman in Black, but it's got quite a history already. Originating as a 1983 novel by Susan Hill, The Woman in Black has been adapted twice before, first into a stage play and then a TV movie written by Nigel Kneale, the chap who created Quatermass. This new version is out on February 2nd, and you can find out more about it in our Blend Film Database.

It's a spooky, effective trailer, but we all know it's easy to make a good trailer, and much harder to make a good movie. Hopefully, The Woman in Black will be both. Stay tuned to Cinema Blend for more news on the project as we hear it.

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