Wonder Woman Apparently Has An Official Job In Batman V Superman

So far in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice previews, we’ve seen Wonder Woman either attending formal galas or fighting monsters alongside Batman and Superman. It definitely sounds like a fun life, but even Amazons have to earn a living in the outside world. Fortunately, we now know what Diana of Themyscira does when she’s not carrying the sword and shield thanks to a new product: selling antiques.

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The Instagram account wonderwomanbr has a photo up of a new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman bust, and on the packaging are some details about her life in the DC Extended Universe. In case you can’t read the small print, it says near the bottom that Wonder Woman stays on the lookout for intrigue as the "beautiful and mysterious antiques dealer, Diana Prince." Studying antiques must come easier to her than normal humans considering that she’s thousands of years old, so she can probably tell if it’s legit by whether she’s seen it during her extended lifespan. Selling antiques would also allow her to establish connections with wealthy customers, and might explain how she’s able to attend all these fancy parties.

The "Diana Prince" identity has been part of Wonder Woman’s history since her comics debut in 1941. In the early Golden Age stories, Wonder Woman served as a military secretary during World War II, using Prince as her cover, though it was later revealed that there was a real Diana Prince who Wonder Woman secured the identity from. Later occupations Wonder Woman performed as Prince included translator at the United Nations, Air Force captain and ambassador, and in the ‘70s TV series, Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman used Prince to serve as an an agent of the Inter-Agency Defense Command. The modern comics haven’t featured the Diana Prince identity as much in favor of Wonder Woman just going by Diana of Themyscira in her down time.

We’ll see Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman adopt a civilian persona for the first time in her solo movie next year, which follows her traveling from Themyscira to the outside world during World War I. It’s unclear if Diana Prince is the latest identity Wonder Woman is using in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice or if she’s kept the name for decades and has just been careful about keeping her ageless nature secret. Either way, since she’s trying not to draw attention to herself whenever possible, the antiques job allows her to live a private life while still keeping her eyes and ears out for any excitement. If something pops up, then she can shed Diana Prince and become Wonder Woman, Amazon warrior extraordinaire.

We’ll see Wonder Woman at work both professionally and as a superhero when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is released on March 25.

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