Dear Warner Brothers: No one cares anymore. We don’t care who plays Wonder Woman, just pick someone so we can stop reporting all these ridiculous casting rumors. I’m as sick of reporting them as you all are of reading them. So, rather than attempting to detail the litany of idiotic rumors surrounding the casting of Wonder Woman, I invite you to click here and root through the more than forty stories we’ve done on the subject.

Meanwhile, the latest actress rumored to be playing Wonder Woman in JLA is Megan Gale, according to Daily Telegraph. She’s Australian, 31, 5’10”, pretty (in a creepy sort of way), she’s been in absolutely nothing worth mentioning, she’s been naked a lot (thank you SexyDesktop), and if you look to your right you’ll see a non-nude picture of her. Now you’ll probably never hear her name ever again. The end.

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