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While the name of Friday’s movie is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, much of the pre-release buzz has been about the hero who doesn’t get billing, but makes a huge impact. Wonder Woman will arrive on the scene in Dawn of Justice in order to set up her own movie which will be out next year. On the eve of her first appearance, we’ve got a new look at her second, and some of the family she’ll be bringing with her.

Here's your first badass look at the birthplace of Wonder Woman. ????

Posted by Entertainment Weekly on Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wonder Woman hails from the island of Themyscira, a place hidden away from the rest of the world where the Amazons of greek myth reside. It’s here that we will meet Diana, as well as the family that helped to raise her. Diana’s mother Queen Hippolyta, will be played by Connie Nielsen while Robin Wright and Lisa Loven Kongsli will play her two military aunts, Antiope and Menalippe. They all flank their student, Gal Gadot, as Wonder Woman. According to Entertainment Weekly, while the three help raise Diana together, they have differing views about how the growing child should handle the outside world. Hippolyta wants her sheltered from it, while Antiope is training her to be ready for it.

These are truly some badass ladies that we don’t want to mess with. Wonder Woman is the first lady of comics for a reason and this picture perfectly captures the strength that she has. It’s unknown at this point how much time we’ll be spending on Themyscira in the film so how we’ll get to know the rest of these Amazons is not clear, but after seeing this picture, we hope they don’t skimp on the origin story. Everything about this image is everything that we want to see in a Wonder Woman movie. The women look strong and the image filters even make the picture look aged. It has a very classical feel that is something we don’t see a lot in movies and has the opportunity to make Wonder Woman truly stand out.

We know we won’t be spending the entire film on the Amazon island, as a large portion of the film will take place during World War I. In an interesting time shift, the majority, if not the entirety, of Wonder Woman will be set prior to the events of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

How excited are you to see Wonder Woman’s feature film debut this weekend? Are you already excited for her starring turn next year? Wonder Woman is set for release in June of 2017

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